North Tonawanda student representing WNY in prestigious science program

“I don’t have a lunch because I take so many classes cause along with all of required classes. I’m also taking two foreign languages,” said Krysta Robinson, North Tonawanda High school sophomore.

Krysta Robinson has a full academic plate at North Tonawanda High school.

“Krysta is one of the students that comes in everyday, is ready to dig in and get the work done,” said Joel May, North Tonawanda High school earth science teacher.

“I normally get a decent amount of homework so I try to span it out, I do some after school, some during study hall if I have one, and then some at night before I go to bed,” said Robinson.

But when it comes to some subjects, passion outweighs the workload.

“Science has always kind of come easy to me, some things I struggle with but most of it comes pretty easy and I can memorize it and remember it really easily,” said Robinson.

Her achievements in science got her a special invitation to the Congress of Future Science and Technology Leaders. It’s a program for honors students who are passionate about STEM fields.

“I had gotten an envelope in the mail and it said, it had my name in fancy writing and it said Harvard Square on the back and i was really confused. So I opened it and I got through the first paragraph of the letter and I was shaking I was so excited,” said Robinson.

During the 3 day Congress, Krysta will hear National Medal of Honor recipients talk about scientific research, and learn about cutting-edge advances in science and technology.

“I can probably see myself going into some kind of science where I can try to figure out how to fix a certain problem that’s going on in the world,” said Robinson.