About Bottega University

Bottega University is proud to offer the Congress of Future Science and Techology Leaders as one of its academic programs exclusively designed for qualified high school students.

In 1994, Bottega University was founded under its original name, Andrew Jackson University by Robert McKim Norris, Jr., and D. Michael Barrett, both graduates of the Cumberland School of Law and colleagues at a Birmingham, Alabama law firm. After completing his law degree, Norris embarked on an intense program of self-directed study. He compiled a personal library of thousands of books, videotapes, and audiotapes, and he concluded that he gained more education through ongoing, independent learning than he ever learned in formal classroom experiences.

Since its inception, Bottega University has continued to grow in the hands of those who are passionate about experiential and independent learning and believe individuals can improve their lives through education. Bottega is carrying out this mandate by offering flexible, supportive, and affordable online education to students from around the world.

The Bottega University mission is to leverage advances in innovative technologies and educational models to provide high-quality, flexible, and affordable education programs so students can attain recognized degrees that advance their careers and improve their lives.

The Bottega University vision is to build the most affordable and accessible private university in the world so no one is deprived of access to quality education. In order to accomplish this, these core values are held dear:

  • Offer the highest quality, most affordable education possible
  • Create an engaging and intellectually stimulating culture
  • Approach challenges with humility and perseverance
  • Embrace change fearlessly and drive innovation
  • Operate with integrity and openness, and
  • Value diversity

Bottega University is a tax-paying, accredited distance learning university headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah.

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