Earn College Credit from Attending the Congress!

Delegates who complete the Congress of Future Science and Technology Leaders have the unique opportunity to earn one college credit offered by Bottega University. This optional credit is available for an additional cost and upon completion of additional coursework.

The college credit may be transferred to the college or university the Delegate ultimately attends, subject to that university’s policies. The acceptance of transfer credits between institutions is at the discretion of the receiving college or university. Delegates wishing to transfer Bottega University credits to another institution should check first with that institution regarding its policy on transfer credit.

There are invaluable advantages of picking up college credits while still in high school…
  • You’re getting credit for the course in both high school and college;
  • College admission officers look favorably upon applicants with post-secondary credits on their transcripts. It suggests initiative and that a student may be better prepared to succeed in college; and
  • You’re ahead of the game! You’ve obtained credits before even stepping foot on a college campus.
What Delegates must do to be eligible for Bottega University credit:
1. Attend the Congress and follow the instructions provided at the Congress to “log-on.”

2. Take notes during the Congress about key experiences, takeaways, and observations.

3. After the Congress, revisit notes and write an eight to ten-page Congress Reflection to summarize the experience and discuss how you will apply key takeaways from the Congress to your life or your future career in STEM.

Expected time for completion of the Congress Reflection is ten to fifteen hours. The Congress Reflection essay should be typed, double-spaced, 12-point Times New Roman font, and averaging about 500 words per page (4000-5000 words total).

The Congress Reflection essay will be graded by Bottega University faculty to determine whether the student will earn credit. Essays will be graded based on the student’s ability to clearly synthesize his/her experience at the Congress in his/her reflection. To earn credit, passing requires a grade of C or higher, as is expected of all other undergraduate-level Bottega University courses. Full course instructions and access will be provided as the Congress approaches.

Bottega University College Credit Pricing and Refund Policy

The cost of the one college credit offered by Bottega University in conjunction with the Congress of Future Science and Technology Leaders is $275. This includes $225 for college credit tuition plus a $50 Bottega University registration fee. Included with the fees for college credit is one transcript. Additional transcripts are available from Bottega University for $15 each.

If a student enrolls in the college credit prior to the Congress, the tuition and registration fees for college credit are refundable within 30 days of the first payment or before attending a Congress, whichever comes first. Any cancellation and request for refund must be submitted in writing to admissions@scitechleaders.com

If a student enrolls in college credit during or after the first Congress for which they logged on, the tuition and registration fees for college credit are non-refundable.

College Credit Money Back Guarantee

This college credit comes backed with a 100% Money Back Guarantee. If, for whatever reason, the college you end up attending does not accept the transfer of this credit, you are entitled to a 100% refund on the college credit fees. To claim your refund, you must have completed the required credit coursework and received a passing grade to earn credit, and should submit communication from the college you are attending indicating credit is not accepted.

Those interested in this college credit from Bottega University and who want more information, please contact the Academy’s Admissions Office by phone at (617) 307-7425 or by email at admissions@scitechleaders.com. 

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